154,500 miles. Custom 8 foot professionally built flatbed about 1.5 years new shows minimal use. New brakes front and rear at 148,000. New tires at 149,300. AC system recently overhauled, < 1000 miles. New batteries and starter, < 500 miles. Recent ball joints and front end alignment, < 1000 miles. New high flow air filter. Paint excellent except for passenger side shows fading and some clear coat peeling on fender. No chips or tuners or other gadgets it has plenty of power for anything I've ever needed to do stock. Salvage title due to body damage from being side swiped, replaced driver side doors, front fender, rear fender (when it had the regular bed) – it's fixed. Runs very strong. Zero known mechanical issues, I would drive it across the country tomorrow. I used this truck to tow my boat during the summer fishing season as well as the occasional side job and for working on my house, it was not used as an everyday work truck. Six speeds are tough to find.

Location: San Diego, California, United States

See listing: 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 High Output Cummins Six Speed Manual (from January 16, 2016)