This truck runs nice. It has an aftermarket ATS turbo kit. It starts up great every time and all the glow plugs are good. No clouds of blue smoke when cold. A puff at start up (normal) and then it’s gone. No abnormal white smoke either. I believe the injection pump could be turned up a little on this because I didn’t see any black smoke, even under acceleration. It’s your choice but I would turn it up a bit if I was keeping it. It has plenty of power now, but I’ve had other idi diesels that I’ve tuned to have more power. No major leaks or dripping leaks, but I think the valve cover gaskets should be replaced. They seep, but I tightened the bolts which may help.

Location: Eureka, Montana, United States

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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Originally listed on May 9, 2017. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.