The straight-six motor is the correct type for this pickup and it looks nicely preserved. So you’ll love opening the butterfly hood and showing of its faithful style. Everything has a high level of authenticity, right down to the generator. But there’s also all the right signs to show that this has been serviced properly to run strong. The motor gives off an industrial symphony of simplicity. It’s a rhythmic hum that feels like being in charge of a mini locomotive as the tempo increases as you shift through the four-speed manual transmission. The ride is another exercise in minimalism. Leaf springs and tube tires are far from modern, which makes them perfect in this time capsule of a pickup. The full experience of being behind the wheel feels like rolling history.

Location: Mesa, Arizona, United States

See listing: nicely preserved 1946 Dodge 1/2 Ton Pickup (from November 16, 2020)