Up or your consideration is this 1973 Chevy C10 “Shortbed”. The truck is solid and structurally sound. The in-line 6 engine starts right up and runs extremely well, idles smoothly and accelerates positively. Doesn’t seem to run hot or drip any fluids. The clutch engages and shits into gear fine. The brakes and work and the truck drives well. The steering is good and the suspension seems ok, sits a little low in the back. Cosmetically the truck needs obvious work. What we have here is a starter kit for a potentially amazing hot rod. The body and frame are solid with no major dents or rust. It appears to be the original color and had a crappy paint job some years ago. The body work around the rear fender wells/door corners is terrible, it is still a short bed nonetheless and should make for a rewarding project. Or drive while you restore and turn the key and go…..it would make for a reliable little shop truck.

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States